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Our Better Half

“It ain’t over til it’s over.” – Yogi Berra Fun fact: 57 years ago the EEG registry exam was first administered and there are only 7559 registered technologists in the world – Did you know the pass rate for the exam is 85%? Have… Continue Reading “Our Better Half”

Secure Your Own Mask First

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson We’ve all been on a plane and heard these instructions before:“…please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.” Seriously – such good advice to help us… Continue Reading “Secure Your Own Mask First”

A Limited Edition

“Where you are today matters for who you’ll be tomorrow.” – somebody What is your superpower? That thing you do well…that gift that you share with others. This week consider asking a friend or coworker what they perceive your superpower to be. You might… Continue Reading “A Limited Edition”

Spring is a Tough Act to Follow

“Seasons change and so do we.” – unknown Are you feeling a little off?  There is likely a reason.Think of the seasons…if the earth skipped any of them what might the next one look like?  Particularly if Spring was missed – a whole season… Continue Reading “Spring is a Tough Act to Follow”

Summer Scholar Package

“I’ve a grand memory for forgetting.” – Robert Louis Stevenson There’s no such thing as a good memory or a bad memory; there is only a trained memory and an untrained memory. Memory is arguably the most important part of the learning process. There… Continue Reading “Summer Scholar Package”


“Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change.” -Mel Robbins I wrote something similar a few weeks back about the number of Registered Technologists…at the time of this writing there are only 7504 of us in the world. That’s 7504… Continue Reading “MARKETPLACE Launch”

Just Keep Swimming

Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein Graduation season is always a favorite of mine: The New Chapter…The Launch…The Opportunities This might sound weird but I actually enjoy listening to graduation… Continue Reading “Just Keep Swimming”

Outcomes…not Obstacles

Keep your face to the sun and you can’t see shadows. – Helen Keller It’s easy to lose our focus during times like these. The uncertainty of change can often stop us in our tracks and derail our plans. Our focus is what drives… Continue Reading “Outcomes…not Obstacles”

Start Small…Go Big!

“Go the extra mile, it’s never crowded.” Mel Robbins Last week’s post shared some fun facts about the history of Neurodiagnostics and one fact that I was hoping to highlight here is the one about registered EEG technologists. At the time of this writing… Continue Reading “Start Small…Go Big!”

That’s a wrap…

“We are not makers of history, we are made by history.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Just some quick fun facts as we wrap up Neurodiagnostics Week: 1924 – Calvin Coolidge was elected President, Jimmy Carter was born, the first Macy’s Day Parade was… Continue Reading “That’s a wrap…”