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the Resource Library – free library of study guides, website links and resources for all things Neurodiagnostic.


For anything you want to know about the exam – visit ABRET (the credentialing organization for technologists)

International professional organization for Neurodiagnostic technicians and technologists

Exam Handbooks
Make sure you are familiar with all the necessary information to sit for the exam.

Exam Handbooks

Pass Rates
How hard is this test? What are my chances of passing?

Exam Statistics

Exam Eligibility
How do I qualify to take the exam? When can I take it?

Exam Eligibility

Petition of Eligibility
Is there another way to qualify for the exam?

Petition of Eligibility

Helpful Resources & Websites

EEG: An Introductory Atlas
Access this free book online – an Introductory Text and Atlas of Normal and Abnormal EEG findings

An Introductory EEG Atlas

All Things Related to Seizures & Epilepsy
Great teaching site in an easy to understand format:

Minimum Technical Requirements
Always do more than what’s expected but here is the minimum:

ACNS Guideline 1

Physician Reporting
A lot can be learned from reading the physician’s reports – including the guideline for what’s to be included in them:

ACNS Guideline 7

Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s)
To sit for your exam or to re-certify – you ‘re going to need these: Who doesn’t like free?

Natus Neuro Training Academy

Access this condensed list and quick highlights of anti epileptic drugs:

AES Summary of Medications


Need supplies? For all your Neurodiagnostic supply needs just visit the link below:

MVAP Medical

Job Postings
Interested in relocating or researching jobs in your area:

Neurodiagnostic Niche Resources

Complimentary Study Guides
Weekly study guides with sample questions to keep you on track: Research.Review.Repeat

Study Guides

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Not free but pretty darn cheap: Answer Keys, Notecards and More – check back often for new items being added.


On-line Course
Need a tutor or trainer to help customize your learning:

On-line Zoom Lessons

Training Academy
Interested in a formal program offering both on-site and on-line options that will take you from A to Z in this process:

North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy

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