Spring Forward

“Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.” — Lilly Pulitzer

10 Ways to Jump Start Your Spring Board Prep:

  1. Know Where You Stand….have you been preparing to take your boards for awhile now?  You might know more than you think.  Try an official practice test to gauge what you know:  Click here sign up to take an ASAP (ABRET Self Assessment Program) Practice Test.
  2. Break Up The Soil…..definitely don’t Dig A Hole for yourself – by this I am referring to costs ($$).  There are a ton of free or inexpensive Resources out there for either entering into this field or preparing to take your board exam to become Registered.  Click here to access the Resource Library on the Neurodiagnostic Niche to get started with some recommended sites.
  3. Plant the Seed…put a plan in place.  Start with deciding when you want to sit for your exam then work backwards with monthly goals to get you there.  Not sure how the exam works?  The ABRET 2023 Handbook is the best place to start. Click here to access the Exam Handbook and Outline.
  4. Water Regularly….weekly and monthly goals.  It is a lot of material – break down each section on the Exam Outline and address them regularly. 
  5. Provide Nutrients…. Make Notecards as you prepare and Review them often.
  6. Be Patient…becoming an R.EEG T takes experience.  Employers expect registered technologists to know their stuff – to be leaders in their labs.  This is not something that is obtained through a Quick Course.  Find a mentor, gain that experience, and put in the work.  Time will help prepare you.
  7. Uproot Weeds…Preparing for your boards can feel like a chore – but tackle these tasks daily.  Every patient you record can be a learning opportunity.  Talk to your doctor’s about their patients.  If you don’t have access to doctors to do that – review the EEG reports on your tests.  Did you see what they saw?  Interested in a Record Review Tutoring Session?  Click here to schedule.
  8. Prune Often…wasting a lot of time on Social Media?  I wrote a post on this last year: Meant For More
  9. Take Root…take a practice exam again – you’ll be surprised at how much you know.  However, if you don’t do as well as you had hoped on the practice test – repeat steps 2-8. 
  10. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…once you have earned the credentials – it is time for a pay increase!  Ask your current employer for one if they don’t automatically adjust your hourly.  There are more jobs than there are technologists – it is nice to be needed! : )

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

Today a Reader. Tomorrow a Leader

“First you Learn and then you drop the L.” – unknown

The 2022 Exam Rate statistics are out!

An Overall Pass Rate of 77% with 437 Candidates taking the R.EEG T Exam

Pass % rates are:

  • Pathway I – 71% (232/329)
  • Pathway II – 83% (43/52)
  • Pathway III – 75% (106/141)
  • Pathway IV – 52% (23/44)

Some things to note about the stats:

  • Repeat test takers are not included.
  • Pathway II consistently has a much smaller sample size (less than a quarter of Pathway I and about a a third of Pathway III).
  • ABRET offers 4 Pathway’s to registry – which is AWESOME because we need to make this process accessible to the thousands of technicians working in this field.

And the most important thing to note:

However a technician qualifies to take the exam – our field needs them!

For those that are working towards Registry these exam statistics are ENCOURAGING:

More than 3/4ths of those that take the exam – PASS

For those working towards either 4 Pathways…..you have a team of mentors available to help!

For those of us who this field has been good to…we want to be sure we leave it stronger than we found it – we are here for you!

There are a whole host of resources available to you – You.Got.This!

For some specific to this site:

To reference these stats and previous year’s pass rates – just click here to access the ABRET site.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to sign up for the ASAP practice test on the ABRET site before you sign up to take the actual exam. It’s an EXPENSIVE test! You want to be sure you are doing well on the practice test before you make that financial commitment to test.

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Final Countdown

‘To finish first you must first finish.’ – Rick Mears (American race car driver)

Well…here we are – Finally!

It’s the final countdown in Your Year to Getting Registered.

Over the past 11 months, we’ve got a date on our calendar, taken a practice exam, worked on accumulating CEU’s, tamed our Social Media time, hired a tutor or acquired resources, invited a friend or co-worker to join in, and we have found a mentor – we are almost there!

This month is all about The Content Outline of the Exam

I’m sure you have already referenced this, but now is the time to really take it apart piece by piece to be sure you have it all covered:

  • Section I is 25% of the Exam
  • Section II is 75% of the Exam

Don’t leave any stone uncovered – at this point in your preparations, narrow down your studying to these topics and tackle a section a day…..Research.Review.Repeat

Are you a few months behind? 

Perhaps you have struggled to make head way with this goal…Perhaps you have procrastinated a bit…No worries!

Just Recalibrate and Start.Where.You.Are.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me @ RTompkins@TompkinsAssociates.com – would love to help!

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy

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Keep Your Head Up

“No pressure. No diamonds.”  – RGIII (during his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech)

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Baylor fan : )  So using this quote from a former Baylor ball player to open this post just fits.  (SicEm)

As you might guess this one is about resilience and overcoming adversity…

Perhaps you’re not where you had hoped to be at this time in Your Year to Getting Registered or just your 2022 goals in general.

Let’s accept the disappointment and redirect it to something within our control.

Take set backs seriously but not personally.

Remember the Blueprint:

  • Review the Content Outline of the Exam if you haven’t done that in awhile.
  • Print it and Check Off those areas you feel good about.
  • Highlight your Need to Do’s.
  • Use your Calendar to Make a Plan to work through the Highlights.
  • Assess your resources – Do you have what you need? 
  • and Remember: We memorize what we do repeatedly.



In reference to the 2nd R above…It shouldn’t all be hard.

What interest you?  What motivates you? What are you really good at?

Do those things.

You need that break sometimes.

And then when challenges enter into your plan – your ready.

Be a movement.

Figure out your next move then just do it.


Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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Less is Not More

“The comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there.” – unknown

Wherever you are in Your Year to Getting Registered journey….Whether you are at the beginning, somewhere in the middle or are approaching the end….Growth takes effort.

If it’s time to prepare that you need, you might consider taking a paid day off to study.

If it’s understanding that you are missing, you could consider a tutor or ask a mentor to help.

Or if it’s motivation that you’re lacking, try calculating the pay increase that you could expect from passing your boards and the additional job opportunities that would be available to you.

Putting in the time and effort now will help you quickly enjoy the return on your investment in the future.

It’s August…Summer is wrapping up and the “ber” months of Fall are about to start….you don’t have to be in a hurry. 

You still have time – Consistency should be your focus.

  • Go back and review the Content Outline of the Exam if you haven’t done that in awhile.
  • Print it and Check Off those areas you feel good about.
  • Highlight your Need to Do’s.
  • Use your Calendar to Make a Plan to work through the Highlights.
  • Assess your resources – Do you have what you need?  

In the interim, join the Neurodiagnostic Niche with your Year to Getting Registered subscription.  This 12 Month Subscription (around $10/month) provides a monthly email to your in-box to keep you motivated and focused to reach your Registration goal. You’ll receive a Study Guide with Resources, Tips and a Lesson Plan. Don’t miss this chance to take advantage of the 2022 Introductory Rate. If you struggle with staying on target for this goal – this tool could be just what you need to stay focused this year.

Just click here to visit the Marketplace today!

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“Nothing is more expensive than a missed Opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Let’s Begin to Think About:

Don’t settle for ‘fine’ – your job, your career…at a minimum should be ‘good’.  Actually why not shoot for ‘great’.

Remember, if you are in this field of Neurodiagnostics – regardless of whether you are registered or not: 


As they say in real estate (sort of…):  It’s a Technician’s Market!

Remember when we checked in April during Neurodiagnostic Week (read older post here)…there were over 1600 EEG technician positions open in the U.S!

Want even more choices?  

Let’s get back to Your Year to Getting Registered goal.

We are still in our mid-year check in…We’ve made progress but still have work to do.

By now you should have taken an ASAP practice test to gauge where you are…Let’s focus your prep now on those results. 

What are the area’s that you need to improve on in order to pass?

  • Make a plan.
  • List each of those areas on their own calendar (don’t write this stuff on your already busy calendar).
  • List a new area/topic on Sunday of each week.
  • Plan daily to review different sources (Monday – textbook references, Tuesday – Quizlet, Wednesday – YouTube videos, etc…)  Need more suggestions on where to look?  Visit the Resource Library on this site.
  • Dedicate no more than an hour/day – even 30 minutes will significantly help….You.Got.This.

Need more tips/suggestions/encouragement and Study Guides?  

Click here to Join the Neurodiagnostic Niche monthly member-only content.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

Remember Your Why

“So often in life things that you regard as an Impediment, turn out to be Great Good Fortune.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A New Month means a New Opportunity to get it right…Students might be on break for the summer but we’re not : )

As you approach the mid way mark for Your Year to Getting Registered – this isn’t the time to slow down and pause.

  • If you haven’t taken a practice test yet – this is a good time to have those results in.

Filling in the gaps for what you are still needing is important at this stage.  If you don’t know what those gaps are….your missing a key piece of the puzzle.

  • Reminder:  Weekly CEU’s (preferably free!) It’s a lot easier and cheaper to do 1 a week than to try to find (and pay for) 30 at a time.

Remember Your Why – the one that pertains to Why you want to be Registered.

Your Income….Your Options…..Your Career…the trajectory only goes up from here.

Also…the Neurodiagnostic field needs you! Just click here to read an earlier post.

Want more content delivered directly to your in-box – including a lesson plan and study guide questions?

Click here to sign up for the Neurodiagnostic Niche member only content.  

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Put To The Test

“You put an ounce in a bucket each day, you get a quart.” – John McPhee

If getting registered in this field has been a goal you have been carrying for awhile now – make strides this month to push towards finishing.

It’s Month #5 in Your Year to Getting Registered – whether you have been traveling along on this journey all Year or if you are just now Joining us….You.Got.This

It’s May and graduation ceremonies are in full swing…schools are winding down…Spring has sprung and vacation mode is starting to set in…but don’t let your guard down on this Goal.

  • Review the Exam Handbook (ABRET.org) either for the 1st time or the 5th time
  • Check Your Progress by taking a practice test.
  • If you did well – go ahead and sign up to test.
  • If you didn’t  – Make a plan for preparing for the areas that you need additional help with.

Plan on signing up for the Neurodiagnostic Niche Monthly Subscription that includes Lesson Plans and Resources to help keep you on track.

This 12 Month Subscription (around $10/month) provides a monthly email to your in-box to keep you motivated and focused to reach your Registration goal.

Received during the first half of the month – a Study Guide with Resources and a Lesson Plan. Don’t miss this chance to take advantage of the 2022 Introductory Rate. 

If you struggle with staying on target for this goal – this tool could just be what you need to help stay focused this year.

Just Click Here to Visit the Marketplace on this site to Order today.

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It’s Never Too Late To Ask

‘Am I willing to look foolish today so I can learn something that will make me better tomorrow?’ – James Clear

It’s ok not to know (and contrary to the quote – it’s not foolish : ).  

Even if you have been in this field for awhile – it’s never too late to ask.

All of us have a different background for our training and how we fell into this field.  Maybe you have been doing this for awhile but somehow missed the foundational training that you wished you had received.

It’s never too late to ask.

  • Reach out to your mentors at work – if you don’t have one….it’s best to find one.
  • Google can be useful sometimes – there are lots of good resources out there.
  • Visit the ASET and ABRET site
  • Make time to complete CEU’s not just because you need them to sit for your exam but because the information will help you.
  • Take a peek at the Your Year to Getting Registered member content on the Marketplace for this site – the regular motivation and tips will help you stay on track. Click Here to view.

and if you need a tutor just email me @ RTompkins@TompkinsAssociates.com

Would be happy to help!

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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The Best Kept Secret in Healthcare

It’s Neurodiagnostic Week!  Seriously though….I think we need a whole month.

Most people have no clue what we do…It is honestly the Best Kept Secret in Healthcare!

This field had a staffing shortage long before it became a popular trend in other areas…and it just keeps getting worse.

A quick search on Indeed.com for ‘EEG Technician’ currently shows 1661 jobs openings in the U.S.

For those working in this field we know how interesting and rewarding it is…

  • Taking a patient history during the set up and quietly guessing to yourself what you think you will see on the recording.
  • That Wow! feeling watching the waveforms displayed on the screen…It never gets old.
  • If you are lucky enough to work around the doctors in charge of your patient’s care – inquiring their thoughts on the test and the opportunity to learn every day.

A career where you can work in a clinic, a hospital, an operating room, or at home…..How is it that such a versatile and dynamic field can have such a large national shortage of qualified staff?

That is why solving this problem will take a collective effort by the physicians, technicians, educators, administrators, and those who influence young people’s career decisions.

Some Fun Facts:

  • At the time of this writing there are 8350 Registered EEG technologists; however, 2000 of those were issued over 30 years ago.  So in all likelihood just over 6000 working Registered EEG technologists (that’s .0018% of the U.S. population : ).  Fortunately, there are many other qualified staff working in this field that are not yet registered or are currently working on getting registered. But it’s worth repeating – there are currently 1661 EEG technician job openings posted on indeed.com.
  • The EEG Registry exam was first issued in 1963 and in 2021 had a pass rate of 77% with Pathway III having the highest success rate. (reference: Exam Statistics on abret.org)
  • In 1924 Hans Berger, a German Psychiatrist inserted silver wires under his subject’s scalp (mostly used his children) and invented the EEG recording. He called it an Elektrenkephalogramm and first described the alpha rhythm showing how it suppresses when we open our eyes.
  • In 1937 the first hospital based EEG lab was started with a 2 channel EEG machine at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.
  • The EEG may be the mostly widely administered test in Neurodiagnostics; however, many technologists are skilled to perform a wide range of testing including Long-Term Monitoring, Polysomnography, Evoked Potentials, Nerve Conduction Studies, and Intra-Operative Monitoring. 

Even though this field is ‘the best kept secret in healthcare’ most all of us have been trying for years to get the word out.

Let’s Begin to Think About:

  • How we can mentor to new staff to improve our national registry statistics?
  • How we can support our National Society?
  • How we can communicate this field to local students?

This week gives us an opportunity to share what we do, but honestly – let’s take more than a week.