Look to your Mentors

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great mentor.” – Japanese Proverb

Look to your mentors.
If you don’t have one…you need one.

Opportunities to learn from others can come in many forms and little lessons can be found in many ways. Perhaps it’s an interesting patient, an unusual test…or maybe its an interesting news article or post. Often those experiences are what encourage us to self study and keep moving forward with our goals.

By now you should have a plan for preparing for your boards and its the daily preparation that will get you closer to being ready to take them.

Are you looking for new places to go when you are feeling inspired to learn more?

Productive Facebook Groups like:
Neuroscience News and Research
Harvard On-line Neuroscience Courses (for free!):

Immersing yourself in areas like these will continue to help you on your path to getting Registered.

Be inspired and empowered to keep moving forward…

3 Comments on “Look to your Mentors

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