A Limited Edition

“Where you are today matters for who you’ll be tomorrow.” – somebody

What is your superpower?

That thing you do well…that gift that you share with others.

This week consider asking a friend or coworker what they perceive your superpower to be. You might just be surprised.

Often we think we are perceived a certain way – but truly it’s what others see in us.

Hearing about your strengths will empower you. It’ll guide your purpose and strengthen your why.

Mark Twain once said that the two most important days in our lives are the day we are born and the day we find out why.

Knowing your strengths TODAY, will help guide you for where your future self will be next month, next year, etc…

We all have a superpower…wear it proudly.

That is what makes you unique. You don’t need a script.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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