Secure Your Own Mask First

“Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve all been on a plane and heard these instructions before:
“…please place the mask over your own mouth and nose before assisting others.”

Seriously – such good advice to help us be at our best.

When the workload has got you down, one of the best things you can do is take preventative steps to protect your well being…investing in ourselves before we can help others.
The modern day term for this is self-care….what is it you love to do? what helps you recharge?

Once you start to incorporate more of your efforts into your own well being you’ll find these benefits will carry over into every aspect of your life – including your career.

  • Perhaps that boost will help motivate you to set a goal to become registered:

Your Year to Getting Registered

Study Guide

  • Perhaps it encourages you to learn a new testing modality:

ASET’s Guide to Neurodiagnostic Testing

  • Maybe it’s that new job or promotion you have been thinking about:

Job Search for your area Here

  • or take this opportunity to go back to school:

North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy (In-person and On-line options)

Take a moment to review the links – if you find that you have been stuck where you are and have struggled to move forward – take some time to invest in yourself.

Be creative and consistent and you’ll find that the benefits carry over not only to you but to those around you.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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