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Thank You

“When one teaches, two learn.” – Robert Heinlein First off – I just want to say Thank You!Thank you for following me. Thank you for taking the time to view my posts. Thank you for the opportunity to share what I do with you.… Continue Reading “Thank You”

Technician’s Code of Ethics

It’s the work you do when no one is watching that determines your success. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – it’s your daily commitment that makes the difference in your potential.It’s the work behind the scenes. In your EEG lab are… Continue Reading “Technician’s Code of Ethics”

What’s the Plan?

“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery Did you know in 2018 that 78% of the technicians taking the EEG board exam passed? What’s the best way to make sure you are one of them for this year? You… Continue Reading “What’s the Plan?”

Your Year to Getting Registered

“People do not decide their futures. They decide their habits and their habits decide their futures.” – F.M Alexander Happy New Year!This new year is different though…it’s not just the start of a new year but it’s the start of a great new decade.… Continue Reading “Your Year to Getting Registered”

Curious about the new coding changes for Ambulatory EEG’s in 2020?

The Natus Neuro Training Academy will host a free webinar this Monday, December 16th at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time – it plans to review the new coding changes that go into effect January 1, 2020 for Ambulatory EEG studies. Click the link below to… Continue Reading “Curious about the new coding changes for Ambulatory EEG’s in 2020?”

So you want to know more about Neurodiagnostics?

Maybe you’re a technician working in the field or a student wanting to enter the field…Maybe you want to take the board exam or you are already registered. Perhaps you are Supervisor, but you’re not a technician and you want to know more…whatever your… Continue Reading “So you want to know more about Neurodiagnostics?”

First Blog Post

Be yourself…Everyone else is already taken.  – Oscar Wilde Thank you for stopping by…still working on getting this blog going.  Please continue to visit and subscribe to receive posts in your inbox.  Also look for The Neurodiagnostic Niche on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram too.