Note To Self

Motivation is what gets us started – Habits are what keep us going… – Jim Ryun

How long does it take to build a habit?

21 days? 30 days? 60 days?

The honest answer is: forever. Because once we stop doing it, it is no longer a habit.
A habit is a lifestyle to be lived, not a finish line to be crossed.

This also applies to not only how we approach our habits but how we approach our goals – daily/weekly review of information will make sitting for your board exam that much easier.

Note to Self:

You do not need an expensive program to reach this goal – if you are working in the field already…you have already mastered a certain skill set…let the exam itself be your major expense – not the preparation!

A couple of suggestions to plan out your prep:

  • Print the Exam Outline and work through the topics one by one – you’ll be surprised at how many sites offer free resources (like this one! : ) Just visit the complimentary Resource Library on this site for the exam outline located in the exam handbook and more.
  • Make Notecards of your material and review them regularly – remember the habits quote above.
  • If you find there is a topic that you need a little help with, just let me know – I offer tutoring options and just one lesson or two is probably all you need.  Just visit the Marketplace to schedule.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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