BE Brave

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“Courage is grace under pressure.” – Earnest Hemingway

It’s easy for us to doubt ourselves but think about how far we have come:

Think about how things have changed since the start of 2020 and what we know now!

Let’s create a new vision for 2021 – by being brave enough to define what it is that is important to us!

2021 is just around the corner.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch my Natus eSeminar:

The Evolving Role of the Neurodiagnostic Technologist – please click here to view it on YouTube (no registration required) or click here to view it on the Natus Neuro Training Academy site.  You’ll need to register but it’ll also give you access to their library of recorded seminars and CEU’s.

Also, how can I help you reach your goal of getting Registered in 2021?

Just email me @ – I would love to help!

In the interim…

Everyday we have a decision to either stay where we are or move to an unknown territory. Choose the latter. Let’s do something everyday to expand our skills …experience new things.

Keep Going – In a Year from now you’ll thank yourself.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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