Home Stretch

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” –Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to Week 7 in the 8 Week Challenge to wrap up ‘Your Year to Getting Registered‘!

Over the past six weeks, we’ve got a date on our calendar, taken a practice exam, worked on accumulating CEU’s, tamed our Social Media time, hired a tutor or purchased resources, invited a friend or co-worker to join in, and we have gone through the Content Outline of the exam to double check what we know – we are almost there!

This week is all about organization and visual aids.

  • Make sure your study space is Organized – whether most of your materials are digital, hard copies or a combination of both…make sure you are comfortable and organized with your materials so that you are able to focus.
  • Use Visual Aids – Flow Charts/DiagramsVisual aids can be especially helpful when revising study material. At the start of a topic, write down everything you already know about the subject. Closer to the exam, transform your revision notes in a diagram. In that manner the visual remembrance can aid to your readiness considerably when taking the exam.
  • Need more Resources? – Be sure to visit the Marketplace on this site for Notecards and Study Guides that can help re-enforce your learning. New addition this week – a Filters Notecard set.

Remember though:

Even though this is a Challenge – it’s not a Sprint.

If you need to Park on some of these Steps for a bit, then do it.

If you haven’t gotten started and you are just now joining us – no worries: Click here to start the 8 Week Challenge.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me @ RTompkins@TompkinsAssociates.com – would love to help!

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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