Do I have to go to a technical school to get into this field?

There are a variety of ways someone could enter this field and it is truly up to the person for how successful they are in the process.

Technical schools will provide a built in curriculum for learning and will encourage you to set aside time for studying. They’ll also provide resources to help you prepare for the board exam and could possibly provide connections for future job opportunities. Many students often complete the program with an Associates degree and are then ready to sit for a board exam. Some challenges are that there may not be a program in your area; also often these programs are full time and make working to support yourself in the interim kind of challenging….they can also be expensive.

An alternative If you are a self motivated learner is you could enter into this field through training on the job or through a trainer. There are a variety of on-line courses as well to supplement your learning. Contact a local hospital or neurology practice to request to shadow in their EEG or sleep lab. Ask technicians in your area how they got into the field and/or see if there is a trainer in your area. Once you have found a lab willing to let you shadow, supplement their training with some of the many online courses available. Then also work to complete at a minimum an Associates degree so that when you are ready to take the board exam you don’t have to request an exemption.

Bottom line, a technical school is not required….there are definite advantages but it’s not the only way in.

So you want to know more about Neurodiagnostics?

Maybe you’re a technician working in the field or a student wanting to enter the field…Maybe you want to take the board exam or you are already registered.

Perhaps you are Supervisor, but you’re not a technician and you want to know more…whatever your role is; I hope to help provide training tips, board prep information, workplace motivational mantras, and other details to both encourage you and help you as you go along your journey.

A little about me….

I entered into this field as part of an internship during graduate school and found a career that I have made my own. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from James Madison University in Virginia and a Master’s Degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Texas at Dallas. After being the Neurophysiology Clinical Manager at a large pediatric hospital in Dallas for 9 years, I started my own business providing testing and training services in 2007.
With over 25 years of experience I look forward to sharing all things neurodiagnostic with you and hopefully getting to know you as well.

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