Aim for the Top – Grab A Branch

8 Week Challenge – Week 2

Broken into bite-size tasks, each week’s assignment will help you focus on working through your to-do list and moving the needle. Over the course of the challenge, you’ll move closer to completing your goal of “Your Year to Getting Registered”.
Every weekend, I’ll share a new set of tasks here, so keep checking in – and follow along on facebook, twitter, and instagram for reminders, motivation and inspiration.

Preparing is better together, so encourage your friends and coworkers to follow alongside you.

Did you miss Week 1? Click here to review.
Let’s get started with Week 2.

You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been. – Maya Angelou

1 – Sign Up to take a practice test this week:
ABRET link
Review your results…how prepared are you? What areas do you need to focus on?
Think on that for a bit…

2 – Continue with the task from last week of collecting your required CEU’s – by the end of this week you should be working towards having at least 10. (Don’t forget to keep the documentation for these organized so you’re not scrambling to find them later).

Congratulations! You’ve made the commitment to complete your registry and you are well on your way to making it happen!
Visit the other sections on this website for tools and resources to help you on your journey.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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