“Nothing is more expensive than a missed Opportunity.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Let’s Begin to Think About:

Don’t settle for ‘fine’ – your job, your career…at a minimum should be ‘good’.  Actually why not shoot for ‘great’.

Remember, if you are in this field of Neurodiagnostics – regardless of whether you are registered or not: 


As they say in real estate (sort of…):  It’s a Technician’s Market!

Remember when we checked in April during Neurodiagnostic Week (read older post here)…there were over 1600 EEG technician positions open in the U.S!

Want even more choices?  

Let’s get back to Your Year to Getting Registered goal.

We are still in our mid-year check in…We’ve made progress but still have work to do.

By now you should have taken an ASAP practice test to gauge where you are…Let’s focus your prep now on those results. 

What are the area’s that you need to improve on in order to pass?

  • Make a plan.
  • List each of those areas on their own calendar (don’t write this stuff on your already busy calendar).
  • List a new area/topic on Sunday of each week.
  • Plan daily to review different sources (Monday – textbook references, Tuesday – Quizlet, Wednesday – YouTube videos, etc…)  Need more suggestions on where to look?  Visit the Resource Library on this site.
  • Dedicate no more than an hour/day – even 30 minutes will significantly help….You.Got.This.

Need more tips/suggestions/encouragement and Study Guides?  

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Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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