Remember Your Why

“So often in life things that you regard as an Impediment, turn out to be Great Good Fortune.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A New Month means a New Opportunity to get it right…Students might be on break for the summer but we’re not : )

As you approach the mid way mark for Your Year to Getting Registered – this isn’t the time to slow down and pause.

  • If you haven’t taken a practice test yet – this is a good time to have those results in.

Filling in the gaps for what you are still needing is important at this stage.  If you don’t know what those gaps are….your missing a key piece of the puzzle.

  • Reminder:  Weekly CEU’s (preferably free!) It’s a lot easier and cheaper to do 1 a week than to try to find (and pay for) 30 at a time.

Remember Your Why – the one that pertains to Why you want to be Registered.

Your Income….Your Options…..Your Career…the trajectory only goes up from here.

Also…the Neurodiagnostic field needs you! Just click here to read an earlier post.

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Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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