Make It Count

‘To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.’ – Mary Oliver

What you do today matters.  

Small things add up…the time we spend on them become how we spend our days…and how we spend our days become how we spend our lives.

Make it count.

Let’s start here:

1 – Keep moving – if the only marathoning we are doing involves Netflix we are doing a great disservice to the time we have been given.

2 – Find your purpose – there actually is data to show that this can add years to our lives by producing lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and therefore having less inflammation.

Do what motivates you and do it often.  Immerse yourself in things you find most valuable.

3 – Challenge yourself – learn something hard.  For those of us in this field of neurodiagnostics we know how intricate and amazing the brain is.  It needs to work to be at it’s best.  Getting out of our comfort zone challenges our brain and can benefit by enhancing those elaborate and complex neural connections.  Fun Fact: Our brain contains roughly the same number of neurons as there are stars in the Milky Way, around 100 billion.

Seek out enjoyable but complex challenges.

4 – Connect with Others – just like wolves…we do better in a pack.

How to tie this around to you preparing for your boards?

We can apply each of the points above to our board prep….Keep moving, Find your purpose, Continue to challenge yourself and Connect with others:


p.s. I started a YouTube Channel…have one video uploaded (it’s a shorter version of a talk I did for Natus last year).  Would love it if you would subscribe.  I hope to post updates regularly : )

p.s.s. Need a formal 30 week program to help you prepare for your board exam? or perhaps to also fine tune your technical skills?

My training academy is now enrolling for a May start date – just email me @ for more information or visit the North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy website (

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