January Review – Making Progress

“We have never arrived. We are in a constant state of becoming.” – Bob Dylan

We all want to get from “here” to “there” – wherever “there” is for us. For some of us, it’s completing a degree, a new job, a promotion, a pay raise…something we’re working toward….and when we do, it’s something to celebrate.
I love it when I realize I’m standing in a “here” place that used to be a “there” place.

For those of you who’s “there” place is to become Registered this yearthe end of January is a good time to review your progress.

Do you have the Outline for the exam? Do you have study resources? Have you started a binder and/or note cards to organize your material? If not, read back through the earlier January posts on this site:

Your Year to Getting Registered

What’s The Plan

When we get to “there” we often reflect back on all the steps we took – the important part was staying the course through all of it…..It’s endurance that gets us “there”. It’s not luck or a gift or talent. Every step you take today to move you from “here” to “there” is a result of your resilience, your endurance…your grit to stay the course.

In no time, you’ll be celebrating a new “here”!

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