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“First you Learn and then you drop the L.” – unknown

The 2022 Exam Rate statistics are out!

An Overall Pass Rate of 77% with 437 Candidates taking the R.EEG T Exam

Pass % rates are:

  • Pathway I – 71% (232/329)
  • Pathway II – 83% (43/52)
  • Pathway III – 75% (106/141)
  • Pathway IV – 52% (23/44)

Some things to note about the stats:

  • Repeat test takers are not included.
  • Pathway II consistently has a much smaller sample size (less than a quarter of Pathway I and about a a third of Pathway III).
  • ABRET offers 4 Pathway’s to registry – which is AWESOME because we need to make this process accessible to the thousands of technicians working in this field.

And the most important thing to note:

However a technician qualifies to take the exam – our field needs them!

For those that are working towards Registry these exam statistics are ENCOURAGING:

More than 3/4ths of those that take the exam – PASS

For those working towards either 4 Pathways… have a team of mentors available to help!

For those of us who this field has been good to…we want to be sure we leave it stronger than we found it – we are here for you!

There are a whole host of resources available to you – You.Got.This!

For some specific to this site:

To reference these stats and previous year’s pass rates – just click here to access the ABRET site.

Helpful Tip: Be sure to sign up for the ASAP practice test on the ABRET site before you sign up to take the actual exam. It’s an EXPENSIVE test! You want to be sure you are doing well on the practice test before you make that financial commitment to test.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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