Keep Your Head Up

“No pressure. No diamonds.”  – RGIII (during his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech)

Anyone that knows me knows I am a huge Baylor fan : )  So using this quote from a former Baylor ball player to open this post just fits.  (SicEm)

As you might guess this one is about resilience and overcoming adversity…

Perhaps you’re not where you had hoped to be at this time in Your Year to Getting Registered or just your 2022 goals in general.

Let’s accept the disappointment and redirect it to something within our control.

Take set backs seriously but not personally.

Remember the Blueprint:

  • Review the Content Outline of the Exam if you haven’t done that in awhile.
  • Print it and Check Off those areas you feel good about.
  • Highlight your Need to Do’s.
  • Use your Calendar to Make a Plan to work through the Highlights.
  • Assess your resources – Do you have what you need? 
  • and Remember: We memorize what we do repeatedly.



In reference to the 2nd R above…It shouldn’t all be hard.

What interest you?  What motivates you? What are you really good at?

Do those things.

You need that break sometimes.

And then when challenges enter into your plan – your ready.

Be a movement.

Figure out your next move then just do it.


Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy

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