It’s Never Too Late To Ask

‘Am I willing to look foolish today so I can learn something that will make me better tomorrow?’ – James Clear

It’s ok not to know (and contrary to the quote – it’s not foolish : ).  

Even if you have been in this field for awhile – it’s never too late to ask.

All of us have a different background for our training and how we fell into this field.  Maybe you have been doing this for awhile but somehow missed the foundational training that you wished you had received.

It’s never too late to ask.

  • Reach out to your mentors at work – if you don’t have one….it’s best to find one.
  • Google can be useful sometimes – there are lots of good resources out there.
  • Visit the ASET and ABRET site
  • Make time to complete CEU’s not just because you need them to sit for your exam but because the information will help you.
  • Take a peek at the Your Year to Getting Registered member content on the Marketplace for this site – the regular motivation and tips will help you stay on track. Click Here to view.

and if you need a tutor just email me @

Would be happy to help!

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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North Texas Neurodiagnostic Academy

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