Pace Yourself

“You can do Anything; but not Everything.” – David Allen

If this is Your Year to Getting Registered or just in general for any target that you set for yourself; it’s important to set goals you can actually achieve.

First step – write down a few simple goals:

  • Review the exam eligibility
  • Review the Content Outline of the Exam
  • Set a schedule for each area on the Outline 

This is not an exam you can ‘cram’ foryou need an understanding of the material or you will just get confused when presented with questions…particularly ones that have multiple correct answers and they are looking for the ‘best fit’.

Your main goal right now is to build momentum.

Set habits to include board prep into your work day:

  • Review physician reports to help you start to speak the language and look up any terms you are not familiar with.

This repeated review will help you greatly in the long run.

Need additional support?  Sign up to receive the monthly Member Content from this site.  This 12 month regular resource will help guide and support you as you tackle this goal. Received during the first week of the month – a Study Guide with Resources and a Lesson Plan.

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Don’t forget:  Give yourself plenty of time to get things done – Pace Yourself : )

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