The (Not So) Lazy Days of Summer

“He who laughs most, learns best.” – John Cleese

This summer on the blog is all about Continuing Education…we all know learning should be a lifelong process, and devoting time to it can be a journey of both our personal and professional development.

Whether you want to learn more about a subject that you find interesting or want some additional skills to take to your work, there are ways you can use continuing education to your advantage.

Earning CEU’s is a bonus (especially when you need them to renew your certification) but they shouldn’t be our only reason for seeking out a course or webinar.

Learning for the sake of learning is always the best motivator and what we gain from that is always far more valuable than a CEU.

The list below is designed to help you get started or for those already knee deep in the process – you might find a few new resources:

Interested in additional Neurodiagnostic support as you prep for your boards or interested in a full training academy program to take you from A to Z….Just email me @ 

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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