Good-Bye May, Hello June

Hello June – Please Be Awesome!

Tomorrow is a New Month – 30 Days of New Opportunities…

If getting registered in this field has been a goal you have been carrying for awhile now – make strides this month to push towards finishing.

All it takes is a moment to make the commitment.

Put the following in place and you’ll be surprised at how far this month can take you:

1 – Review the Statistics (ABRET Exam Statistics: ) – with a Pass Rate of 82% in 2020 and 85% in 2019 – You.Got.This!

2 – Take a Practice Test – (the best one to take is going to be the one used by the testing administrators:  ASAP

2 – Make the Commitment to Test – Candidates have three (3) months from the date they receive the “Eligible to Test” notification to schedule and sit for the examination.  Sign Up Here:  (

3 – Now that you are All In – Review What You Need to Know.  Visit the free Resource Library on this website.  Use your Practice Test results to guide your preparation.

4 – There are A Ton of Free Resources available to you through search engines – but if you find you need additional Tutoring/Coaching support – email me and I would be happy to help ( Zoom lessons for both Small Group or Private lessons are Available.

It’s a new month – Let’s Make the Most of It!


Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

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