Note To Self

Motivation is what gets us started – Habits are what keep us going… – Jim Ryun

How long does it take to build a habit?

21 days? 30 days? 60 days?

The honest answer is: forever. Because once we stop doing it, it is no longer a habit.
A habit is a lifestyle to be lived, not a finish line to be crossed.

This also applies to not only how we approach our habits but how we approach our goals – daily/weekly review of information will make sitting for your board exam that much easier.

Note to Self:

You do not need an expensive program to reach this goal – if you are working in the field already…you have already mastered a certain skill set…let the exam itself be your major expense – not the preparation!

A couple of suggestions to plan out your prep:

  • Print the Exam Outline and work through the topics one by one – you’ll be surprised at how many sites offer free resources (like this one! : ) Just visit the complimentary Resource Library on this site for the exam outline located in the exam handbook and more.
  • Make Notecards of your material and review them regularly – remember the habits quote above.
  • If you find there is a topic that you need a little help with, just let me know – I offer tutoring options and just one lesson or two is probably all you need.  Just visit the Marketplace to schedule.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

Back On Course

“The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.” – Henry David Thoreau

Everything you buy is time…time spent researching; time spent shopping; time spent fixing…and time spent deciding.

Make it worth your Time

If you are in the field of Neurodiagnostics…

Hands down the best investment in yourself is to get registered in your field.

This alone not only should increase your income but will open up a whole host of doors for you that were not necessarily open before.

Last year I started with a Your Year to Getting Registered post and if you were late to join the blog or just didn’t get around to it in all the craziness that was 2020 – let’s revisit some of it again now:

Start taking small steps to work on your goal to becoming registered:

1 – Read – There are a lot of good technical books out there but my go to recommended book for my students is Fisch and Spehlmann’s EEG Primer: Basic Principals of Digital and Analog EEG. Also if you are looking for helpful Study Guides or Notecards don’t forget to visit the Marketplace while on the blog.

2 – Move – Make it a habit to get out of your EEG or Sleep lab daily. Talk with your doctors….ask them about their patients. Your doctors are going to be your best teachers. If you don’t work in an area where your doctors are available; read the physician reports on the tests you run. Did you see what they saw?

3 – Connect – Access productive Neurodiagnostic sites that are going to support you in your goal (like this one! : ) Reach out to other technicians that are already registered for advice and support. Don’t forget to access the free Resource Library on this site.

and lastly,

4 – Join – Look for a way to build your study resources. On-line courses, trainers, tutors…they will all support you in your goal to becoming registered.

Just email me @ for information about ways that I can help you.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

It’s Been a Year!

“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

It’s nice to be back on the blog again after a short holiday break – a little rest and reflection is good for all of us at this time of the year.

I’ve decided I’m okay with coasting into 2021—savoring the little daily joys and giving ourselves a pat on the back for the things we got done (and got through) in 2020.

Given what has been going on this past year, I think we are all incredibly resilient, adaptable and flexible!

It’s a good time to ask ourselves, “What are our strength? What are the things that helped us through? And how do we build on those things in 2021?

Let’s have realistic expectations for our goals:

Embrace Rituals – Not Resolutions…our Routines matter.

As usual – the simple, small, and quiet things feel just right for me this season. Maybe it feels that way for you, too.

Perhaps your goal is to get registered this year? or maybe a new job or a promotion is something you are aspiring to?

A few Starters:

  • Do a quick job search for your area here
  • Check out the Resource Library on this site and bookmark it for future reference.
  • Contact me for questions/suggestions/and any tutoring or training needs
  • Visit the Marketplace for Notecards and Study Guides to complement your learning.
  • Interested in hearing about The Evolving Role of the Neurodiagnostic Technologist?  Click here to watch this webinar I did with Natus.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

BE Brave

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“Courage is grace under pressure.” – Earnest Hemingway

It’s easy for us to doubt ourselves but think about how far we have come:

Think about how things have changed since the start of 2020 and what we know now!

Let’s create a new vision for 2021 – by being brave enough to define what it is that is important to us!

2021 is just around the corner.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch my Natus eSeminar:

The Evolving Role of the Neurodiagnostic Technologist – please click here to view it on YouTube (no registration required) or click here to view it on the Natus Neuro Training Academy site.  You’ll need to register but it’ll also give you access to their library of recorded seminars and CEU’s.

Also, how can I help you reach your goal of getting Registered in 2021?

Just email me @ – I would love to help!

In the interim…

Everyday we have a decision to either stay where we are or move to an unknown territory. Choose the latter. Let’s do something everyday to expand our skills …experience new things.

Keep Going – In a Year from now you’ll thank yourself.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

This Thursday 12/10

Hi Everyone,

Would LOVE it if you could join me this Thursday, December 10th @ 11 am (EASTERN Time) for my eSeminar with Natus.

The topic is The Evolving Role of the Neurodiagnostic Technologist.

Select HERE to Register to view it Live or Recorded to view it later (earns 1 CEU credit).

Hope to see you there!


So purely coincidental but super fitting that it is Thanksgiving…exactly 1 year ago today The Neurodiagnostic Niche published it’s first post.

I’d like to start out by saying Thank You.
I always consider it a tiny miracle that anyone spends their precious time reading what I write.

And to my corporate supporters:

  • Natus Neuro Training Academy for entrusting me with one of their eSeminars (click here to Register for the free December 10th edition – includes 1 CEU credit) and
  • to MVAP – my go-to for all our clinic’s supply needs.

The mission for starting the blog was to encourage a community in the world of Neurodiagnostics and with your help it has done just that.
Referencing back to one of my favorite quotes:

Learning is an Experience. Everything else is just information. – Albert Einstein

I hope this experience is both beneficial and inspiring and that our dialogue of learning together continues to motivate us both as we continue to navigate through this field.

Looking forward to this next year together!

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

Pen To Paper

“It’s not enough to be Busy. The question is What are We Busy About?” – Henry David Thoreau

We’re in the home stretch of 2020. It’s a year that’s felt like no other. The impact of everything we’re going through — personally and collectively — is real. 

But these challenges can help us grow stronger, wiser, and more resilient as long as we keep taking care of ourselves along the way.

Here’s a gentle November PSA to support your health and well-being, and a few ways I’m taking my own advice for my own personal goals.

Write it Down – Make it Happen


  • Create a Sense of Order
  • Help us Prioritize
  • Make us Accountable
  • Relieve Stress
  • and Helps us feel Productive in a year where things seem to be standing still…

Maybe you completed the 8 Week Challenge and you are in the final stretch of Your Year to Getting Registered….or maybe you are just getting started.

Wherever you are on this journey – make this the week you put Pen to Paper to plan out how to finish this year strong.

Also, I would love it if you would join me on Thursday, December 10th for the Natus Neuro Training Academy eSeminar where I will be speaking about the Evolving Role of the Neurodiagnostic Technologist.

Just click here to register to view the eSeminar Live or Recorded.

Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know

Stretching Time

“Novelty in all things is charming.” – Ovid

Try Something New – easier said than done, right?!

While the pandemic seems never-ending, it also feels like the past few months have passed by in a blur. Trying to have as many new experiences as we can — even small ones — is one way we can wrestle back some control and stop time feeling like it is whizzing by so fast.

As we all know our experiences create new neural connections in our brain…..(click here for data proof). It’s kind of like when we learn new ways to drive to work – when we stumble upon that inevitable traffic jam we then have an alternate route to get to where we are going.

These connections are not only useful but essential.

How can you enhance these connections as you prep for your boards?

Try something new:

  • Always reading your material on your computer? Switch to a hard-copy or a text book.
  • Have a Dialogue – Review the material out loud – Try to explain it to someone.
  • Write it Down – Copy the material after you read it to hand written notes. The act of writing will significantly enhance these new connections.

We might want this year and its events to be over as soon as possible, but it would also be nice to look back on 2020 and remember it for something awesome that we have accomplished.
Embracing things in a new way is one way to make that happen!

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Let’s Stay Curious and Grow What We Know


Need any help with your board prep?

Visit the Neurodiagnostic Niche Marketplace for Study Guides, Notecards, and Tutoring options – don’t forget to check out the Neuro-Scholar Bundle to take advantage of built-in discounts & savings!

Just click here to visit today!

Week 8 – You.Got.This

“Confidence is preparation. Everything else is beyond your control.” – Richard Kline

We’ve made it to the last week of the 8 Week Challenge – the finish line is in sight!

This week is all about enhancing your confidence.

But first, a quick look back: we’ve got a date on our calendar, taken a practice exam, worked on accumulating CEU’s, tamed our Social Media time, hired a tutor or purchased resources, invited a friend or co-worker to join in, we have gone through the Content Outline of the exam to double check what we know, and we have organized our study resources and created visual aids to help prepare – we are almost there!

So this week – Let’s work on our confidence:

  • First, let’s practice Mindfulness – a stress-management technique which involves observing your thoughts, feelings and breath. Does it really matter? It is essential in guiding our mind to be ready for what is ahead and there is lots of data to support….read here….here…..and here.
  • Second, if you don’t snooze, you lose – Get your rest or you can’t do your best.
  • Third, don’t be too hard on yourself – You most likely know more than you think you do – You.Are.Ready.
  • and Finally, review the Exam Statistics – let them reinforce the notion that you’re ready. Pay particular note to the few number of applicants that actually took the exam in 2019 – only 447! Congratulations for deciding to set this goal for yourself. Secondly, note the pass rate is 85% that is really high for a test! It’s worth repeating:

It’s official – You Are Ready! This is ‘Your Year to Getting Registered‘.

If you need additional help, feel free to contact me @

Congratulations on completing the 8 Week Challenge – it is quite an accomplishment!